Is this really going to build my future?


I am currently in the middle of my end-semester exams (the reason I have been completely MIA). So while I was lost in my sea of words and numbers, a thought that has always lingered in my mind surfaced yet again. Is this really going to help me build my future?

Now you must be wondering why would such a thought even occur to me. Learning is what makes us capable of doing things that matter in the future. Learning is what gets us a job. What are we without it? Just a bunch of people with a brain, but no wisdom. So why would anyone doubt it?

Being an Indian, I have always been educated in the Indian Education System. Indian Education system, where the only thing that is held of importance is a big stack of the letter “A”.  Children with their little creative minds with no boundaries are sent to school with the hope that they will be helped towards achieving their passion. But what actually happens? Their little minds are shackled and pumped with a combination of letters and numbers so much so that there is no place left for anything else. Their passion ignored, they are forced into being an army of clones, memorizing piles of books just for achieving the glory of an ‘A’.

I remember the day I had my examination for Business Studies for the much terrifying board exams, I literally had every word of my textbook in my head, and I did get an A. But do I remember anything I studied at the time? Absolutely not.

In an environment where grades have been emphasized to such great level, and where connection to one’s inner self and passion is almost considered obsolete, how is one supposed to grow? How is one supposed to succeed? 

I mean is this what’s going to help me grow my personality? Is this really going to help me ace my job interviews? Am I going to be a success at my job my raising hands and answering some questions from a book? Is this really what it takes to build a successful life? Not really.

In today’s India, the situation has risen up to such a level that students and parents are not satisfied even with percentages that reach up to 95. The reason for that is the extremely high range of cut-offs in the Indian Colleges. Sometimes the competition is so high that even a student with 98.9 percent fails to get admitted. Think of it, let it go deep in your mind. Does that not sound completely bizarre and irrational? The people of India do not realise the magnitude of negative effect this is having on those kids. The pressure and competition is having a deep impact on their minds, leading to mental disturbances, depression, and many a times, even suicide. Statistics show that more and more students are taking the extreme step of suicide in a bid to end their misery after failing in their pursuit of professional excellence. The motive of students killing themselves is invariably academic pressure – this accounts for 99 per cent suicides in the age group 12-18.

Isn’t learning supposed to be about exploring the world, opening up to new fields and following your passion? When did it become such a burden? People in India really need to be reminded that life isn’t about ‘A’s and ‘99’s, but rather it’s about following your passion, doing what you love, and loving what you do. It’s not about being stuck in a profession that makes you run away every single time, but about choosing in a way that even Monday’s become your friend, and not your enemy.


5 thoughts on “Is this really going to build my future?

  1. I completely agree. Our education system is so messed up. There’s no room for innovation. Nobody cares if you actually understood the concept. All they want is a good grade to shine on their CVs.


  2. I completely agree. Our education system is so messed up. There’s no room for innovation. Nobody cares if you actually understood the concept. All they want is perfect grade to shine on their CVs.


  3. This is totally true, and goes for many other countries too (even more so in my country Bangladesh).
    I just keep thinking of all the possibilities that’d be there if i had been home-schooled. In fact a part of me dares to skip university and take up some kind of self-education or apprenticeship instead. But who am I kidding, they probably won’t count me as human anymore lol.


    • The feeling is very mutual. I always wonder what talents I could have possessed if I had been placed in a more liberal environment. Lol, that would definitely be the case. Education comes over every single thing in our countries.


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